Ways to Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Diwali

Nov 11 , 2020

Diwali is one of the most favorite festivals of everyone and making it brighter is what everyone does but apart from that, it also results in over pollution the next day. In the current situation our environment is already facing so many problems then why not celebrate this Diwali in an eco-friendly way.

1- Buy Earthen lamps & diyas


Although Diwali is all about lights but instead of buying those artificial LED and lamps why not illuminate your home with natural ways. Buy earthen lanterns/lamps and diyas, they look too elegant, traditional and also gives the satisfaction of not using stuff made from poor plastic quality.

2-Biodegradable plates and glasses


Diwali time is all about get together and late-night parties thus, every host does serve food and drinks due to which a lot of dishes get compiled. To avoid this problem, people buy disposables which are too bad and not good for the environment. So the best you can do is to go for biodegradable crockery, they will solve both your problems and is also for everyone.

3- Use natural colors for rangoli


Why go for chemical colors when you have such good options with you. Make your rangoli look beautiful by using natural things like pulses, rice, red kum kum, wheat, flowers, and bright yellow turmeric.

4- Gift a plant


Diwali is incomplete without gifts and when you visit your relatives and friends it’s a must. So, why not set a trend this time by giving them a plant instead of sweets, chocolates, and food hampers.

5- Say No to crackers


This is one of the most important steps that you must take if you are really concerned about the environment. Don’t waste your money on burning crackers as they are just waste and only create unnecessary noise and air pollution.

6- Environment-friendly products for decoration


Don’t spend too much on artificial items for decoration rather pick alternatives like old dupattas, flowers, and handmade lanterns of waste paper, air-drying clay to make your Diwali brighter and healthier.

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