Ways to Create Weekend Getaways at Home for Kids

Aug 20 , 2020

Monsoon is the season when we all love to go on long drives and getaway on weekends, with some planned activities for kids as well. But 2020 has been ruining all our plans. It is for the first time that we all are stuck inside our house and can’t enjoy rains like every year. Instead of being out in parks, children are staying indoors which is not fun. While this year, a quick weekend getaway may not happen. But we can surely do some fun at home? So here are some easy peasy ways to make a fun weekend getaway at your home: 

  • Beachside 

Missing your beach holiday? Recreate it right at your home. Dress up in swimwear, sunhats, and flip flops. Set up an inflatable pool for kids, set a beachside setting with sand, and place some chairs over there. Get some beverages and food and enjoy it. 

  • Virtual tours 

Many famous tourist attractions are offering virtual tours at this time. You can take some of them with your children. You can go on a virtual safari with many wildlife parks like Kruger National Park or observe animals through live webcams at the San Diego zoo and others. Other monuments like the Empire State Building, the Great Wall of China and others are also offering virtual tours. 

  • Camping 

Make use of your balcony or terrace. If you have a tent use it or make one using bedsheets and sticks. Dress up in comfy clothes, carry some snacks, watch some travel movies, or read books. Do fun activities that you will do while camping. 

  • Treasure hunt 

Kids love treasure hunts. Draw a map with clues to small treasures hidden inside the house. Cook some snacks, and ask your kids to participate in it. Give them an easy clue so they can solve them and make it rewarding as well. 

  • Back in time 

Take out all the pictures, videos, and memories of your previous trips and relive them. This will enhance your mood and kids will enjoy looking at the old pictures and videos. 

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