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Why You and Your parents must watch Pixar’s Bao

Mar 24 , 2020

As we grow older we tend to feel a generation gap between us and our parents which  may times even leads to conflict between  the two. Things like “mom please sleep with me, I am afraid” changes to “Please go, I want to sleep.

You can watch all such struggles of these changes in the short film Bao directed by Domee Shi. When I watched the film I noticed some reasons that make it a must watch for children and their overprotective parents.

  • In this film the statement ‘Tum kitne bhi bde ho jao, hamare liye toh bacche hi rhoge ‘(no matter how much you grown but you will always be a kid for us)speaks a lot about our parents.

When a kid is born parents spend most of their time with them and seeing them grow up or  living life on their terms makes them tensed. They expect that their kids will spend time with them just the way they used to do. But when kids become busy in their lives, they become get little upset.

  • The parents don’t know that their protectiveness might suffocate their children.

Parents need to understand that as kids grow they need their own space. Though Bao’s climax is a little bit shocking as it shows that to stop the dumpling from leaving, the mother eats him. It ends with a metaphor that often our parents do things that can suffocate the child.

  • Parents don’t think the way we do

Source Jon Negroni

Source Jon Negroni

In the film, there are many scenes where the mother stops Bao from doing certain things which makes him upset and angry on her. But we feel that parents need to understand that kids want to be free and independent. Stopping them from doing what they like actually provokes them to do it so they need to trust their children and set them free.

  • Parents often fail to understand that kids also feel the guilt

It is heartbreaking for some parents to watch their kids leave the house, but this feeling is the same. The majority percentage of kids feel the guilt and pain when they go away from the house.

  • Parent love is never ending

No matter what you do, you obey them or not, parents will always love their kids. For them, their kids are their life. If parents need to adjust with the age gap then children should also care for their parents.

To sum it up, I would like to say Bao showcase the relationship of kids with their parents. I am sure most of you can relate to it.

Note: The film can be seen at the starting of Incredibles 2 movie.

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