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Why Every Mom must Try Cloth Diapers

Jul 28 , 2020

Cloth diapers have their own cult following & you must try one!

The thought of cloth diapering is vanishing nowadays and believe us it has evolved too. Gone are the days of putting on a huge muslin cloth with safety pins. The new age diapers are technological advances, more absorbent, are made of fabrics, easy to put and take off, and can be easily cleaned and dried. These diapers are great and way better than disposables, here is why:

They are cheaper

Before your child learns to inform when he needs to go to the loo, diapers play an important role and are very expensive to buy too. On the other hand cloth diapers work out to be a cost-saving option.

They are undoubtedly better for the environment


Have you ever thought of the chemicals and plastics needed to manufacture diapers? These chemicals used with water then turn back to the environment in waste form. The environmental impact of disposable diapers is staggering while when seen with cloth diapers, the effect is almost nil.

Cloth ones are more absorbent

For those who have used it, they know it is the fact. Using cloth ones you do not have to change the baby’s diaper in the middle of the night. It is because they are more absorbent in comparison to disposable ones. They now come with inserts and pockets which make them way better at absorbing.

Disposable diapers have chemicals

Dioxin used in the disposable diaper can cause nerve damage and even affects the immune system. Cloth diapers, however, are chemical free and completely safe for your little one.

No rashes

Cloth diaper keeps the baby free of diaper rashes. Most of the brands claim they are rashes free but when you use them, the results are different.



Diapers manufactured from cotton results in fewer rashes or skin irritation. Many cotton manufacturing diapers are turning to organic ones. The main reason for it is that the non-organic cotton is prone to chemicals or pesticides. So, organic cotton diapers are a better choice as it improves breathability for the kid’s skin.


It’s been seen that baby’s genital skin temperatures are bound to increase while using disposable diapers non-stop. Though many studies claim that it is not true however it can lead to infections in the nether regions and UTIs too.

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