Gorgeous ways to drape your saree

Jan 25 , 2018

Saree is one of the most elegant Indian outfits. It looks beautiful and suits everyone. As a mommy, I like my sarees a lot more. They are easy to feed in, different drapes can make sure you reuse the saree multiple times and it can hide those unwanted kilos. As an Indian woman, I feel we have a special talent to carry a six-yard fabric beautifully. Except for the traditional way of draping a saree, there are many new ways of draping your pallu. Try these styles:

• Take Double pallu

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You can take the pallu in the normal draping style you just have to take one more dupatta on the other side and tuck it in along with the pallu! Pick a dupatta that matches the color of your saree. Tuck the dupatta in cross style. It will look great.

• Dhoti style Saree

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Dhoti sari is a combination of ease and style. Wearing a dhoti saree allows free movement of the legs. Ditch the old style and adopt the new and comfy. You can get it pre-stitched or tuck it in like pants. It is similar to Maharashtrian saree draping style

• Front face pallu

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Change the way pallu is taken and take a front-facing one. Instead of pulling your Pallu towards the back, you can keep it in front, go for open or pleated one. It will look cool and stylish.

• Scarf style

source: Style Drapers

Why keep your pallu on shoulder always? Wrap it around your neck just like a scarf. We wear scarf using many different styles, same can be done for the pallu as well. You can pair it with a normal neckline blouse or a smart crop top. It will give you a classy look.

• Belt it up

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If we can wear a waistband under the saree, why can’t we use a belt to style it? Pairing something under the waist has always been in trend. Wearing a belt on a saree will add glitters to it. They bring out something special in the dress and make us look better.

• Front cowl drape saree

Source: Pinterest

It might sound difficult but it is the easiest one, you just have to wear the Pallu in the same way you wear a dupatta with the suit. It will give your saree a new look.

Saree is something that all of us have in our wardrobe, take them out and do lovely experiments with them!

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