Here is How You can Dry Clean Clothes at Home

Sep 21 , 2020

Taking care of your fabrics is important, especially when you have delicate and expensive clothes saved for special occasions. Many of us didn’t get a chance to think of clothes that would require maintenance and the ones that we usually get dry cleaned as the nation went under lockdown. The good news is, you can easily take good care of your clothes at home. 

Here is how you can dry clean clothes at home. 

Stain removing 

In case you don’t, you can use vinegar and water or any other stain removing substance to treat it.

Cleaning the stain with a microfiber cloth 

Use a microfiber cloth to treat the stained area. Dip it in the solution and clean the part of your cloth you wish to. If your garment leaves color behind or even on the cloth you are cleaning it with, it is best to save it for when you can take it to dry cleaning shop. Also, strong stains may be difficult to treat at home. 

Tumble drying 

You can tumble dry the clothes after 15-30 min cycle and leave it to air dry. 

Steaming the clothes 

To remove any wrinkles, you can steam dry your clothes.  Steaming will leave your clothes damp, so you will want to hang them before you steam and then leave your clothes on the rack to dry.

Use Mesh Bag

The trick to washing things that you think are dry-clean-only, like wool or silk or ties, is putting them in a mesh bag as that reduces the abrasion.

Use Vodka

If something just doesn’t smell as fresh as it should, you can spray it with vodka, which has no scent when it’s dry and can be used to remove scent.

Here are the steps to dry clean your clothes at home. Check the label of your clothes if they read ‘dry clean’ or ‘dry-clean only’.  If they have the tag of dry clean, you can wash them with cold water as well. It is best to wash the delicate ones with your hands instead of using the washing machine. 

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