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New Mom Wardrobe Basics

Jan 21 , 2020

Post  delivery when I resumed to work I was very conscious about what to wear, reminisces Shreya Gupta, an IIT professional and a mother of a seven months old. Many mothers get baby fat along the arms, thighs and midriff area, so we need to decide what to wear accordingly. We all know that post-pregnancy the body takes a little longer to get back into shape so the clothes have to be chosen keeping the body shape in mind.

So we bring you some wardrobe essential for working mother:

  • Trousers

Source IndiaMART

Source IndiaMART

Well fitted trousers that give the thighs toned look are a must for a working mom. Avoid baggy or loose trousers especially if you still have the baby weight and choose dark shades like blacks, browns and greys.

  • Casual t-shirts

After pregnancy sometimes we just feel like wearing a soft t-shirt. Go for a stylish stripped comfortable t-shirt. Also, t-shirts go with almost everything, so they are an easy option to choose.

  • Formal shirts



When you are planning to re-join your job then stock up on solid colored formal shirts. You can also go for small checks or vertical prints as they would cut down your frame and hide your fat areas. Here also chose dark colors like reds, blues, and browns.

  • Scarfs

Want to hide your breast milk leakage? The colorful and beautiful oversized scarfs are essential for you. How about using them as a nursing cover?  Get a lot of scarfs to create different looks.

  • Comfortable footwear

As you are going to wear them for the entire day don’t forget to buy the comfortable ones. You can go for flats with open-toe or closed-toe for a professional look. Formal clothes and front closed flats are the best combinations.

 Fitted Blazer

Blazers are extremely versatile as they make you look slim and stylish.

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