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Ways To Make A Child’s Bedtime Easy

Aug 04 , 2020

Getting the children to sleep early at night is a major concern for many parents. Bedtime can become a battle when little bodies don’t abide by the clock. Though are no hard-and-fast rules for bedtime, and every child is different but making a routine is very important.  Here are few ways to get started.


Make sleep a family priority

Set regular timings for going to bed and follow them even on the weekends. Your kid is getting enough sleep if he falls asleep within 15 to 30 minutes of going to bed, wakes up easily in the morning and does not yawn the whole day.

Deal with sleep troubles

Sleep struggles can be like trouble in falling asleep, waking up at night, having trouble breathing during sleep, loud or heavy breathing while sleeping etc. This also affects the daytime behaviour of the child and he looks sleepy or cranky during the day. You need to help them out in dealing with these.

Routine is all you need

A routine always works! It has been found that if there is a routine for dinner, playtime, TV, studies and sleep, children seem to be more energetic with lesser health and sleep-related issues. Bring your routine to practice as it slowly becomes a habit because the body adapts this scheduled style of living. Children will sleep on time, feel hungry on time and get up in the morning as well.

Dress and room temperature

Dress yourself, your child and the environment too for sleeping. If your child is one who loves cool temperatures prepare the room prior the same way that the kid is comfortable in.

Sleep environment

Sleep Environment

Just like reading in bed often puts adults to sleep make the environment for the kids too. Make the room dark and quiet with no sound and if your child does not like totally dark rooms switch on small lights. The more adequate you make the environment is to sleep is the early your child would get it.

Turn off electronics

Remove TV, computers, games, and other electronic devices from kid’s rooms. Electronics need to be turned off or taken away at least an hour before bedtime. TV’s and computers provide distraction that you won’t be able to control once you’re out of the room. Thus it’s better to keep children away from all distractions that can hamper their sleep.


PS: When children don’t get enough sleep, they have a harder time controlling their emotions.

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