A New Drug Might Treat Peanut Allergy!

Nov 22 , 2018

A drug to treat peanut allergy:

Many people in the world suffer from peanut allergy, so if you are one of them there is a good news for you. According to researchers,  A novel oral immunotherapy drug which is derived from peanut protein could help treat people who are allergic to peanut. The researchers has said: “The results of this landmark trial are likely to lead to the first FDA-approved treatment for food allergy in 2019,”

A trial was conducted which was known as the Peanut Allergy Oral Immunotherapy Study of AR101 for Desensitization trial. In this 496 eligible participants aged 4 to 17 in which 372 received the AR101 oral medication, while the remainder received a placebo drug.

At the end of the trial, more than two-thirds of the group taking the active drug were able to tolerate a dosage of peanut protein equal to about two peanut kernels. As per the study, oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy has been recommended in most clinical settings because past trials have been limited by small sample sizes.

The PALISADE trial has shown that oral immunotherapy is a sensible treatment option for this problem. Participants of the PALISADE trial were instructed to continue the typical of care for peanut allergy.

Qualifying participants started with a one-day increase dosage from 0.5 mg of peanut protein up to 6 mg, and it increased every two weeks from 3 mg to 240 mg and a 24-week “maintenance phase” at 300 mg. Compared to the placebo group, participants who took AR101 had less severe allergy symptoms.

So now the people who have peanut allergy can take AR101 to treat it.

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