Should You Invest Your Money in Breast Pumps?

Apr 05 , 2021

Breast pumps are the devices used to extract milk from the breasts and is useful for mothers who are lactating. This device comes in many variants like manual, electric, battery-operated, handsfree, hospital-grade, etc. 

Breast pumps are being used widely by many moms and sure give major relief to mothers who are unable to feed their baby at different times of the day. 

Although it is not necessary but a breast pump can be a great decision and we tell you why

Gives you time to recover from your delivery 

For new moms, it can be a little difficult for them to cope and may require time to heal from their surgery, especially if they’ve had a C-section. Storing breast milk for later can help them catch up on some sleep and they can ask someone in the family members to feed the baby. 

Prevents breast engorgement

Breast engorgement can be very painful for moms as it is a condition in which the breasts are overfilled with milk. The breasts may become large and tender. Breast pumps relieve breastfeeding moms from the pain. 

Helps sore nipples relax 

Frequent breastfeeding can result in sore nipples. Once you start using a breast pump and store milk for later, you can give yourself enough time to heal from the soreness.  

A great option for moms who have to return to work 

Work commitments may not allow you to be present around your baby when every time they have to be fed.  Investing in a breast pump can solve your problem in this case. 

Gives you the flexibility to feed anytime and anywhere 

If you are traveling with your baby than storing breast milk for later can solve the problem. 

Here are some reasons that may encourage you to invest your money in a breast pump. Also, if your baby is being kept in NICU then the only way you will be able to feed your newborn would be with the help of a breast pump. There is no absolute need to buy one but this device will solve most of your breastfeeding problems. 

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