Things Every Expecting Mother is Tired of hearing

Jun 07 , 2021

Pregnancy comes with a lot of mood swings and, along with that some people makes it too hard for the expecting lady to control her frustration. This 9 month journey is too beautiful but chaotic too as it’s hard to express what actually is going inside you.  So, here we have listed down few things that every pregnant woman is tired of hearing:

1- Oh my god, finally the most awaited time has come. So, happy for you!

2- This is a really crucial time so take extra care of your health and diet.

3- Don’t eat anything from outside, you never know how harmful it may be for your baby.

4- Will you be working during this time or take a break from office?

5- What you want to go for? Normal delivery or C-Sec? Normal is really painful so be prepared.

6- Will you have more kids after this, or just one?

7- Are you excited for the day when you will finally welcome a new member in your life?

8- You wish to have a girl or a boy?

9- Oh my god, your tummy has turned so huge. Now, you have a perfect baby bump.

10- Can I please touch your belly and feel the baby’s movements?

11- How will you manage your home and work together after the baby?

12- Did you really wanted a baby in your life right now or it happened accidentally?

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