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Thoughts every woman get while trying to conceive

Apr 27 , 2021

Check out few thoughts that every woman gets while trying to conceive:

Trying to conceive and expanding your family is a different and wild trip altogether. The idea of having a first child is very exciting but it is a ride full of emotions, irrational fears, happiness, and some ridiculous and funny thoughts. Whether it is the first time or the fourth, there are some thoughts that hit a woman’s mind at least once while trying to conceive. Check them out below:

  • Am I really ready to do this? – I know I want to have a baby, but am I really ready to take this responsibility?

  • Okay so this was my last period for some time- saying bye to periods is 20% of the joy of getting pregnant.

  • It feels really weird trying super hard for something I’ve tried to avoid all my life so far.
  • “Should I be scheduling our sex?”- should I decide when to have sex?

  • How many pregnancy tests should I buy to confirm- I need a lot of them for the confirmation
  • “How many times is enough?” Five? Ten? It’s so hard to decide how many times to do it.
  • Waiting is bad.” But, stay calm as stress can decrease your chances.
  • Is that a tickle in my breast?- I need to check all the symptoms
  • I think I am pregnant- I don’t know what that morning sickness means
  • What will be the name of our baby? I should search for a good name
  • What my family will think? – breaking this news to the family can be exciting and awkward as well.

  • How should I break this to my partner?- I must think of a nice idea
  • How long do I have to wait for the confirmation?
  • Tracking ovulation is so difficult – checking and rechecking goes on and on.
  • Now I am thinking about all the times when I was praying not to be pregnant, what if I miss this one?

  • Whatever it is, I am ready to be a mama.

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