Ways to Hide your Pregnancy in the First Trimester

Jun 03 , 2021

From the time you get to know that you are pregnant, you are the keeper of the biggest secret of your life. Even after telling this news to your loved ones you have to keep it from the world. In India, it is believed that you must not disclose pregnancy in the first initial months. So here is how to hide your pregnancy in the first trimester. Check out the list below: 

  • Hiding your tiredness 

Pregnant women feel more tired than usual because of the increased progesterone production. If you’re yawning more than normal or suffering from lapses of concentration, people might notice, but try not to do it. 

  • How to hide morning sickness

If morning sickness is interrupting your work routine then you have two options, you can share it with someone who can hide it or schedule your meeting in the afternoon. 

  • Wear loose clothes 

Wear some loose t-shirts or tops so that no one can notice your belly in case there is any difference. A good suggestion would be to buy clothes that are one or two sizes larger than what you actually wear. 

  • Adding layers 

You can also wear layers to hide baby bumps. That is because layers are a great way to hide a pregnancy belly. 

  • Avoid touching your belly 

Many pregnant women touch their bellies during pregnancy, this is very common, hence it can be a clue to someone. This is something that you should avoid doing as much as possible if you want to hide your pregnancy news. 

  • Avoid talking about kids 

While having a conversation about kids you might spill the beans so try to avoid any conversation on this topic. 

This is only if you want to hide but in case you want to share it with World go for it.

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