Ways to Give Feedback To Your Kids

Jun 28 , 2021

Being a parent means guiding and looking after your child’s behaviour and for that it is important to provide your child with feedback both in appraisal and suggestion form. It is really necessary to tell them the ways to improvise themselves and their work. But many of us are worried about their reaction so we have to give them feedback in a way that it doesn’t hurt them. Hence, it is important to understand how to give feedback to your kids in the right way.

  • Be gentle 

Don’t be rude to them, first compliment their work and then tell them how they can do it in a better way. Try to be gentle and speak in a soft tone without giving them long lectures on their mistakes.

  • Be honest and realistic 

It is always difficult to give negative feedback but if you will not tell them about their mistakes then they will lose a chance to improve. So be honest and tell them about their mistakes but be realistic about what your child is capable of doing and how he can do it. Also let your child take responsibility for their mistakes.

  • Give positive feedback

So always mention in your praise or criticism why we are saying so. Don’t try to find faults in their work and be careful while framing your sentences . Try to make use of positive words and sentences only.

  • Try to be specific 

Avoid generalisations, don’t directly say this essay is rubbish!” instead, discuss what can be improved on and how. Also do not criticise their personality but the work that they have done.

  • Hear them out 

After giving them feedback, listen to what your child has to say. Listening to them will show them that their opinions are important for you. 

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