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When to Stop Working During Pregnancy

Sep 07 , 2020

Most of the women chose to work during pregnancy, and there is nothing wrong in it till the time you feel comfortable you should continue working. In fact, keeping your mind busy in something can be a good exercise for your mind too. But avoid taking too much work pressure and if you feel you cannot work anymore than apply for your maternity leave. But if you are confused when you should do that, here are some signs

  • You feel restless in the middle of the day

Pregnancy can make you lose self-control, you will suffer from sleepless nights, restlessness, discomfort because of the baby bump. All of this can affect your daytime performance at work, you might feel sleepy and your brain would stop working. If you experience all this in the later stage of pregnancy than you must take rest.

  • Symptoms of early labor

At later stages of pregnancy, you might notice early labor symptoms. These symptoms can be lower backaches, cramping or spotting. If you go through them it means you need immediate medical attention and it is possible that your doctor will advise you for complete bed rest.



  • Problem in seating and standing

Your job profile indicates when you should stop working. Some jobs require standing for a long time while others require seating and bending. This stress can be painful for you, so when you feel discomfort in your posture at work you must stop working. If your baby bump is growing and you are feeling heavy day by day then stop stressing yourself

Other factors that determine till when you should work during pregnancy are

  • Nature of your job
  • Medical history
  • Office location
  • Your health

It is also better to be on the safer side than taking the risk, whenever you experience any of these symptoms, consider having rest.

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