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How to raise confident teenagers

Jun 06 , 2021

Teenage is a time of change for all children and not just physically or mentally but also emotionally. It takes a while for children to understand what their body is going through and what do they wish to do with their future. 

Parents play an important role in developing their personality and encouraging them to try new things which builds their confidence. It helps them trust themselves and that even reflects on their self-image. Teenagers who are taught to stay confident and happy with themselves are able to take risks in the future and build their lives as per their choice. 

If you are not sure what is the right way to help them gain confidence, here are some tips which will help you do that. 

  • Avoid making remarks on their winning and losing. Instead of that, encourage them to try and participate in activities that will help them build their skills. This way, you teach them to be confident about their courage instead of the outcome. 
  • Tell them to focus on improving themselves with time. Many children are thought to be naturally good at things and that can keep them from improving their skills.
  • Teach children to not shy away from asking for help. Asking for help can benefit them a lot. 
  • Talk to them be their confidant.
  • Help them in becoming independent as it plays a great role in becoming confident. 
  • Be their role model and demonstrate the right way to do things.
  • Try that your expectations do not interfere with their interest and let them go in the direction they wish to. 

Which strategy do you think works the best?

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