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How to Celebrate Earth Day With Kids

Apr 22 , 2021

Earth Day is a good occasion to remind everyone of the duty we have towards our planet and doing our best to educate more people about it.

The best place to start with is your home by educating them about the environmental hazards, consequences of deforestation, and some other human activities that have long-term effects on our planet.

To help children understand, you can encourage them to take part in Earth Day activities so they can understand how our habits have an impact on the environment.

Here are some activities to take part in and celebrate Earth Day at home with kids.

Educate them about environment

The first step towards this is educating children about the environment and need to preserve earth. Watch documentaries and videos with them and motivate them to take part in these activities.

Art and Craft

Children understand things the best in playful and artistic manner so paint and color with them keeping the Earth Day theme in mind. You can find creative ways to make ‘Save Earth’ posters as well.

Planting Trees

The best way to preserve the planet is by actively participating in its preservation. Start by encouraging children to plant saplings in parks and even asking their peers to do the same.


If you have a small garden in the backyard, there are a few herbs, fruits and vegetables that can be grown at home. You can also teach them organic ways of growing these plants and herbs at home.

Recycling old items

Take out some old clothes, pots and papers and use your creativity to make somethings useful out of it. You can also take help of videos online to understand how you can utilize these things at home.

How are you celebrating Earth Day at home?

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