Thoughts that every teenager is scared of sharing with parents

Thoughts Every Teenager is Scared of Sharing with Parents

Nov 25 , 2019

Teenage is a completely different and new phase of life in which children go through a lot of changes both physically and mentally. During this time parents should become best friend with their child to understand them better as teenagers feel nervous and are not able to open up completely in front of them. So after talking to some teenagers , here are some of the thoughts they are scared of sharing with parents:

I think now I am grown up and I can take all my decisions on my own.

I have all the rights to poke my nose in every matter because I am big enough to handle such situations now!

How can I tell you that when you give me lectures I just stop listening to them!

I just hate it when Mumma says bad things to my friends. They are my lifelines.

No one can impose the restriction on me. I have full freedom to live my life according to my wish.

Why am I always asked to wear decent clothes? I like wearing shorts and how does it even matter?

I think I am getting attracted to my opposite gender now. Am I in love? I am so scared with whom should I really share this?

I think this is my right age to kiss someone. I hope that nothing is wrong in it.

I feel like going on a solo trip and explore some good adventurous places.

Are exams really that important in life?

I think boozing is not a bad habit because I have seen drunk people enjoying more than the sober ones.

Why can’t I do things that make me feel good? I am tired of hearing what will the society say.

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