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Educational Board Games For Your Kids

Jan 13 , 2020

These days kids hardly go out and play as they prefer staying indoors and using phone. But if you want them to play something productive, board games are a great option.  Board games help in increasing a child’s brainpower and skills while being able to spend quality time with the family. It is one of the best hand-on experiences and fun activities for kids.

So we bring you the list of educational board games for kids:

•    Bingo

Bingo is the perfect board game for kids to talk about numbers. Bingo can be played with children and adults. This game offers a fun advanced playing wheel, once it turns a number is dropped and that number is the one you have to look for on your bingo board. Once you have 5 in a row you can call out Bingo!

•    Explore the world

Learning facts about the world becomes easy with this educational game. Children have to cross the world on their board game by reading and answering questions. It is a fun game for the whole family.

Promotes: knowledge

•    Monopoly

An all-time favorite board game for not only kids but for the entire family. Each player will roll the dice and work their way around the board using fake money to pay for property, hotels, and homes. Players will also have to pay other players to rent when they land on their squares! To win you must bankrupt your opponents and win all the money.

Promotes: Mathematical reasoning, management 

•    Scrabble

Scrabble is one of the best educational games for kids to practice their spelling and vocabulary. Each player gets 7 letters and has to spell off one another for points and letters. You have to make amazing words to win.

Promotes: good vocabulary

•    Brain freeze

Brain freeze is an award-winning board game and is perfect for kids and families. It is the best way for kids to learn strategy, logic, education and building memory.  Two players are required in the game, the players must race to guess the secret sweet treat that the other player or team has chosen.

Promotes: logically reasoning, great memory

•    Story cubes

In this game kids have to use their imagination, each cube has 6 sides with a picture on each. Players roll all cubes then will have to start their story with “once upon a time….” And use all pictures to create a funny and interesting story.

Promotes: Imagination, visual perception

•    Spot it

There are circular cards decorated with the right symbols in different sizes and orientations. The motive is to spot the one common symbol between two or more cards.

Promotes: Visual Perception, Observation Skills

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