Food Ideas for Kids Halloween Party

Oct 30 , 2019

It’s Halloween tomorrow and kids love Halloween cupcakes and snacks. There are many varieties of treats that kids will love and even adults would enjoy having, so here we have some food ideas for your kid’spooky party. Checkout the kind of snacks you can make and how you can decorate them to make it both tasty and attractive

Spiders on eggs

Spider eggs

Cut olives in two pieces for the body and then make its legs by cutting one olive into six pieces.

Decorated Donuts


Decorate donuts in various ways giving them different faces of your choice

Spider Sucker

Decorate packs of lollipops with small googly eyes and some black colored straws. Children love having lollipops and a spider look would be perfect to match the Halloween theme.

Strawberry ghosts

Dip strawberries in white chocolate  and make eyes  with chocolate chips.

Crazy pumpkin


Add fruits like oranges, grapes, strawberries to sticks and place those to pumpkins. These fruit skewers stuck in pumpkin looks attractive.

Cupcake mummies


Take chocolate cupcakes add frosting to it and use gems as eyes. Children love cupcakes and this easy step makes it more attractive not only for kids but even adults would love them. After all, cupcakes are universal favorite of everybody.

Monster chocolate cookies

Put candy eyes in chocolate cookies and your monster chocolate cookie is ready to be served at the party.

Mummy Apples

Mummy apples

Take green apples, some candy eyes and gauze tape. Wrap this tape around apples and stick candy eyes over the apples and you are ready with your mummy apples.

Picture source- Pinterest

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