Things That can Happen During Labor

Mar 01 , 2021

People are aware of the intense pain that women experience during labor and how it can last for hours, unlike in movies where doctors are able to deliver babies within minutes.

Labor pain is described as the worst menstrual cramp by new mothers and some do not find the pain as excruciating as they were told it would be.But there are many other things that a woman may experience during labor which aren’t commonly told.

Here are some things that can happen during labor that you might not be prepared for:


You might think that you are through with nauseous feeling and vomiting after the first trimester of your pregnancy but you might be wrong. Women may experience nausea during labor when given epidural as it causes blood pressure to drop.

Tearing up of vaginal area

The area between the vagina and anus may get torn up during labor. This may cause complications but can be brought under control by making surgical incisions. The tearing can take time to heal and may require stitches.

Retention of placenta

Normally, the placenta gets delivered half an hour after the baby is delivered but in case it isn’t, this is known as the retained placenta. It might be a result of weak contractions and its symptoms include fever, extreme pain or constant bleeding. 

Bowel movements

It is common for women to experience certain bowel movements during labor. It is best not to control and let it out if it happens at all. This also indicates that the right muscles are being used to push the baby out of the body.

No progress of labor

Weak contraction can prevent the labor from progressing. The contractions can be boosted using medications and appropriate decision is taken by the doctor.

These things shouldn’t really worry you as the gynecologists are skilled and experienced and keep the situation under control. However, knowing the possibilities can help you prepare yourself mentally for your labor.

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