Holi skin care for kids

Holi Skin Care Tips for Kids

Mar 06 , 2020

Holi is  all about colors and the joy of getting drenched in colors is amazing. But these days’ colors are made with chemicals that can damage hair and skin. These chemicals require precaution especially for kids as their skin is very sensitive.  As parents, their safety and care is the utmost concern for us. Here are few before and after Holi care tips for your kid:


  • Apply kids sunscreen

As we all know Holi is an outdoor festival and usually sunny so apply a kids sunscreen which are easily available in the market.

  • Oiling is must

Holi colors can damage the hair to a great extent and oiling can protect them. Oil their hair with the coconut oil half hour before they step outside the home. The oil will make a shield on hair and prevent it from getting dry and frizzy. if possible make them wear a cap.

  • Dress them properly

There is no better protection than the layers of clothes. Dress kids up in full sleeves and dark color clothes. Prefer cotton clothes as they dry up easily.

  • Lip balm

There is always a chance of color entering the mouth through lips so instead of lip balm apply a layer of Desi ghee on the lips.


  • Cleansing

The real task comes after all the celebrations are over, removing color from the body. First, wash their body with plain water and then apply a mixture of besan, cream and oil to get rid colours from the body and face.

  • Apply lotion

Once bathing is done apply lotion on their body to avoid any itching or irritation.

We hope these tips will help you in taking good care of their kid.

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