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Tips to Declutter Your Home!

Jul 04 , 2021

There are so many things from clothes to toys to books that parents get for their kids but with time, they outgrow them. Buying new things without removing the old ones leads to clutter which even takes up a lot of space which is why decluttering is important. Secondly it’s a good way to share things with people who need them. 

 Here is how you can take care of things and declutter your living space as your children grow up. These tips will help you in sorting all the stuff out. 

  • Make a checklist. Take a look at things that haven’t been used for months and add them to the list. This way you will know what needs to be given away. 
  • Have a place assigned to every toy, object and anything that your children use frequently. As soon as that space starts to fill up, give away things that aren’t needed. 
  • Don’t wait for things to pile up.Giveaway things that haven’t been used from a long time. Involve your family members in this process and assign them the task of either donating or segregating things. 
  • Create space for hidden storage. If you have not been using certain things but would need them in future, put them away in a closet. Create a system keeping this in mind. 

Don’t hoard t on things for future use rather give them to those who would make use of it. Teach your children to keep their space organised and neat.

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