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How Journaling Benefits Your Child

Oct 05 , 2020

While growing up, children face many situations for the first time in their lives and don’t always know how to process everything. If they are introduced to certain habits early in their lives, it can help them deal with stress better as they grow into adults. Journaling is one such habit and is encouraged to be introduced amongst children.

It helps young children to understand themselves better, especially the ones who are shy and do not share their feelings easily.  Apart from this, here are a few other benefits of journaling that impact children’s mental health and cognitive thinking.

–         Improves writing skills and reading comprehension

This is the most obvious and important benefit of journaling. Writing on a daily basis or frequently can greatly enhance the writing skills of children. Through this one habit, they may develop an interest in creative writing, debates, and storytelling. It will help children improve their academic performance which will boost their confidence. The ability to read gets better with time in the case of young children. Writing daily will introduce them to new words and their ability to comprehend it.

–         Improves communication skills

Humans depend on their communication skills to be understood so it is important children are clear when it comes to expressing their feelings. Good communication skills will also give them an edge over people who are not too clear with expressing their thoughts.

–         Help understand their feelings

It is important to understand your behavior and reaction in a particular situation. Journaling helps you become self-aware and this can prevent your children from developing unhealthy coping mechanisms in the future. Writing down how you felt, what makes you upset, why you said what you said etc. helps children reflect on their decisions and make better ones in the future.

–       Help understand what triggers them

We see some tough days in our lives and sometimes it leaves behind a deep impact. Even for children, they may find themselves in difficult situations and that may trigger inappropriate responses. The habit of journaling can be of great help as children can identify their triggers and can work on finding out ways to deal with it.

.Giving them space and medium to express will create other positive habits and help them become self-aware as an adult.

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