How to Potty Train Your Kid

Nov 02 , 2020

Tired of changing your baby’s diaper and want him to learn how to shit inside washroom? Here are some most important things that you must keep in mind if you are planning to start potty training for your kid.

Be Patient

The first and the foremost thing you must keep in mind before starting the training for your kid is patience. Don’t lose your temperament if in case your kid takes time to learn as small children needs extra attention and care to make them understand. Your frustration will delay the process and make it really hard and form unnecessary pressure on you and your baby.

Don’t set timelines

Don’t set deadline because every child learns at their own pace while some takes 3 days others may take upto 3 months too. There is no harm in planning things beforehand but issues like training for potty should not be treated like an urgent work.

Right Time

Don’t be in a hurry to make your child diaper free, no doubt it’s annoying to keep on changing their dirty nappies but everything has a right time. First make him learn how to express the need to go washroom, the right age when most of the parents should start training is 15 to 18 months because at this time kids are fully ready.

Don’t forget to appreciate

Be it a little child or an adult everyone loves appreciation, so even if your kid does a little effort and shows improvement don’t forget to praise him. Gift him his favorite toys so that he realize the value of completing the training successfully.

Buy a potty seat

Children are very moody and they stay in their own fairytale world so to make them learn quickly buy a good potty seat which they would like and find attractive. No matter how expensive you may get at times they just don’t want to sit on it because of the appearance so do keep in mind what they want.

Carry an emergency potty kit

Giving potty training does not mean you don’t have to keep any urgent situation stuff for your child. As they are new to this so they might take time to adjust so keep an emergency kit with extra pairs of clothes, underwear, diapers, wipes, disposable potty seat covers, and plastic disposal bags.

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