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How to Teach your Child to Apologize Genuinely

Jul 30 , 2021

Manners and basic etiquette must be taught in young years, but parents find that apologising is the most difficult thing to teach to kids. Even if children agree to say sorry, sometimes they just do it for the sake of it and don’t mean it. 

This makes it harder to explain why they were asked to apologise and this habit may stay with them forever. 

They don’t even realise that apologising also gives them a chance to see where they made a mistake and it can also be a lesson. If you are also struggling to teach your kids the same here are few things to keep in mind

Acknowledge their emotions 

Children take time to understand their emotions and their burst out could happen due to a lot of reasons. If they have misbehaved, try to understand the reason. Help them express their emotions and it will be easier for you to explain. 

Tell them when to apologise 

Many times, children don’t understand when they have done something wrong. Explain what could be viewed as a mistake and when they might be expected to say sorry. 

Ask them why 

Sometimes, it is just out of spite or they just want to get your attention. Ask them why they behaved that way and also tell them how it can be fixed. 

Try not to blame them 

It is best you maintain a normal stance when your children make a mistake. Let them understand what they did on their own. You can even suggest they apologise with a gesture of their choice like offerings flowers or a hug, whatever they like.

Try these polite ways to teach your child to apologise and also share what method have worked the best for you?

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