Things that a child lacks when he stays in a crèche for the whole day

Negative Aspects Of Daycare!

Jul 13 , 2020

In today’s time money has become the utmost priority of almost everyone. Along with men women are also independent and work after marriage. Because of these professional commitments and responsibilities people leave their kids in crèche for the whole day during their early childhood. But, do you have any idea what exactly are the negative effects that your child may face because of this? Read on to know

Aggressive Behavior


Many studies have proved that children who stay in a crèche for the whole day have more aggressive behavior. During childhood kids like being pampered but in a daycare they do not get the amount of love and attention that a family can give so thhey build a feeling of anger which results in violent actions.

Health problems

Giving a lot of money does not mean you can ignore other things and just pay attention to the luxuries.  Every parent wants their kid to stay fit and fine. We think that our child will have a healthy lifestyle but at times crèche does not give good quality nutritious  food to children.

Strong Bond with parents

Building a strong bond with your children needs a lot of time and understanding. The best time to get close to your child is during their early age but due to a whole day in playschool your kid does not get quality time to spend with you. This difference weakens the connection and makes it difficult for  the future too.

Weak social skills

Things that a child lacks when he stays in a crèche for the whole day

This is one of the most common reasons why parents send children to daycare. They think that their munchkins will learn to stay in a group be more socially adaptable and adjusting but things are quite different as they seem to be. It is proved that children staying in crèche have less social competence, not adjustable in a group, have negative moods and are more prone to conflicts.

Anxiety, stress, and depression

Childhood is a sensitive age which needs a lot of love, care, and affection. Inadequate attachment with parents leaves the child bounded by insecurities which results in higher risk of depression, anxiety, and stress. So, even if you are a working parent try to find out ways to connect with your kid more and more.

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