Should Kids be around Who Just Got Vaccinated?

May 17 , 2021

In the second wave of coronavirus, kids have been affected as well. Earlier they were considered to be a silent carrier of the virus but now they have also started developing symptoms. And the biggest problem is that there is no vaccine available for kids below 18 years. So it is really important to protect them from the virus. There is one ongoing concern among parents if they should let their kids meet people who have been vaccinated. Are they safe around them? Well, is what you should do: 

Getting the vaccine means that the person develops immunity against the virus, but it does not mean they cannot be infected with the virus. Even after getting the jab, a person may carry the virus without showing any symptoms. 

The virus can be present on any surface and can be easily passed on to kids while playing or doing something. So it is better to maintain proper distance,  practice regular hand hygiene, wear a mask and stay away from people who do not live together in the same household. So it is equally important for them to maintain distance with people who just got their jab. 

It is advised to maintain social distance from others, even when they are vaccinated till the time we do not gain complete information about the durability of immunity. The vaccine only protects those who have got the shot, not the people present around them.

In case a vaccinated person comes in contact with the virus while talking to an infected person or by touching the contaminated surface, they can still carry the virus. But as they have been vaccinated they may not develop any symptoms but they can pass on to others.

So keep your kids safe and protected! 

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