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Ways to Limit Your Child’s Screen Time in Lockdown

Sep 07 , 2020

In this lockdown when schools are closed and children have fewer things to do, they spend most of their time watching television, YouTube or playing games on phone. This increases their screen time and as parents, you need to manage this but you have to understand its effects and limit their screen time. So here are few ways to limit your child’s screen time during this lockdown:

•    Set rules and limits

Set rules that define when your kids can use screens but allow some flexibility and don’t push them. Also, remember that kids should not use screens 30 minutes before going to sleep as setting limits is a great way to manage their screen time.

•    Encourage other activities

Instead of playing video games, ask your kids to utilize their screen time to follow their passions and interests. You can suggest to them to learn about the topics that they like. By allowing your kids to use technology to educate you cater to your child’s intellectual curiosity and passions.

•    Tell them about the consequences

Make sure that your kids know what will happen if they will not screen time rules. This can include losing hours of screen time, punishments and more. Also, tell them the effects of screen time on their eyes and health.

•    Use parental control app

Use parental control app to monitor your child’s screen time. This app lets you block games and apps.

•    Make them earn screen time

Make screen time privilege for your child, not a right. Ask your kids to do something productive before starting their screen time. Also do not exceed the limit in return for a reward.

Spend Time With Them

Sit and play some board games or indoor games together in the free time.

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