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Signs That Your Child Needs a Counselor

Oct 29 , 2019

Here are the signs that show your child needs to see a counselor:

Not only adults but even kids have emotional ups and downs, stages of moodiness and anger issues. They too experience stress, grief, bullying and much more while growing up which can be a difficult phase for both them and you to figure out the changes. So if you notice changes or any symptoms of anxiety or depression you must take him to a counselor.  Besides mood changes here are other signs that show your child needs a counselor:

  • He is regressive

Kids get regressive when they go through a major change in their lives. Things like: bedwetting, whining, clingy behavior, and tantrums  can be a problem.

Source Udemy

Source Udemy

  • Social isolation

If your child suddenly stops meeting your friends (he refuses to go for playing or have lunch alone) then you need to pay attention to them. Social isolation is a sign of depression or anxiety so watch out for statements like everyone hates me or I have no friends.

  • Changes in normal activities

Source VideoBlocks

Source VideoBlocks

All kids have fixed time when they eat, sleep or play but if you notice changes in your child’s eating and sleeping habits that lasts for more than two weeks, then take it seriously.

  • Issues at different places

When a child is suffering from emotional changes he faces problem in more than one place. You might see changes in his behavior at home, school or while playing as well.

Source The Pembrokeshire Herald

Source The Pembrokeshire Herald

  • Self-harm

When it comes to self-harm in kids age, they engage in various behaviors like: hair pulling, digging fingernails or banging their head so if he does any of this you must do something.

  • Unexplained Weight Loss or Gain

A sudden change in your child’s appetite, whether it is loss of appetite can be a sign of deeper emotional issues. Such eating problems can indicate that your child is struggling with anxiety, depression, or stress.

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