Stop Giving Milk at Bedtime to Your Kid

Aug 23 , 2021

Some symptoms in children are not taken as seriously and are dismissed as minor problems which may go away with time but that’s not always the case. We all know the negative effects of eating too much sugar and processed food items but since children love having them the most, it is important to keep an eye for the symptoms of milk biscuit syndrome.

What is milk biscuit syndrome? 

It is a problem observed often seen in growing kids which are caused due to unhealthy eating patterns and excessive amounts of chocolate, process foods, yogurt, soda, packaged fruits, etc in the diet. Having these food items right before bed can cause acid reflux. Food items containing preservatives can also have the same effect but dairy products are believed to be the main culprit. 

This acid reflux may not cause acidity like it would in adults but appears as chest congestion, sore throat, runny nose. If there is no reason for these symptoms to appear suddenly and your children have the mentioned food items in their diet in excessive quantities then this could be because of milk biscuit syndrome 


Once this syndrome is diagnosed, the doctors may prescribe medicines to manage the symptoms but it is important to make dietary changes. The effect of the medicines will be short-term if the root cause is not recognized. 

Promote healthy eating and avoid giving too much-processed food to children, especially right before bedtime. If diagnosed with this disease, make sure to give children dairy products and processed food in limited quantities during the day time.

Though milk is a storehouse of nutrients, its consumption should be conveniently shifted during the day time to keep this disease at bay.

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