Evening Snack Recipes For Kids

Jun 15 , 2021

Evening time means snack time for kids as they love to eat something delicious. Since kids are picky and stick to some particular foods only, so it becomes difficult to feed them. So we bring you some kid-friendly evening snack dishes that they can’t refuse.

•    Veg Mac and cheese

This is a winner dish because cheese sauce with pasta never fails to impress.

•    Veggie sandwich with hummus

Add colorful vegetables to the sandwich with hummus.

•    Carrot cake pancake

Pancakes in any form are delicious

•    Indian tofu paneer

The same recipe of paneer butter masala just replaced with tofu.

•    Veg grilled cheese

It’s up to you to make it healthy or full of calories.

•    Tofu scramble

Just replace egg with paneer or tofu to make scrambled tofu.

•    Peanut butter smoothie

Just add a banana, chocolate and peanut butter to make a yummy smoothie

•    Cheesy spinach hot pockets

Hide green vegetables inside the pockets with cheese and no one will find them.

•    Pizza

Kids love pizza so add the veggies as toppings.

•    Cauliflower popcorn

A crunchy cauliflower recipe for the the vegetarians.

•    Chocolate chip cookies

Make the delicious cookies for your kids and replace wheat flour with ragi, or other healthy flours.

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