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The Secret to Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids

Mar 17 , 2021

Parents have many responsibilities toward their children and one of the most important ones is to take care of their emotional growth. Raising emotionally intelligent children will help them express their feelings and raise them to be empathetic adults.

Many adults have problems addressing their feelings and thoughts because they weren’t told how to handle them as children. When the right ways to deal with emotions are learned early it makes things a lot less stressful as adults.

By keeping a few things in mind, you can make sure your child’s emotional development is in check. We are here to help your child develop emotional intelligence.

Be empathetic towards children

As adults, we become capable of handling our emotions but children are too young to even grasp some things. Be kind and empathetic towards your children when they seem upset and try not to diminish their feelings.

Labelling emotions is important

To understand why they are feeling sad, angry, upset or happy, children first need to understand these emotions. Help them name their emotions and ask them how they are feeling.

Teach them the right way to express

After you explain to them how to label their emotions, teach them how they convey their thoughts. If they are upset or feel ignored, ask them to use sentences that will help you or others understand what they feel in the moment.

Make your family member model this behavior

Children learn mostly from their parents’ actions and not just their words. Be an example and show the same kindness to your other family members and ask them to model such behavior.

It is a slow process and taking care of even the tiniest things can make all the difference.

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