Vacations are Better Than Toys For Children!

Feb 11 , 2020

If you have been contemplating getting your children toys more often and were not too sure about it, here is news for you. According to a child psychotherapist, Dr. Margot Sunderland, planning a vacation can be considered as an investment in a child’s brain development. 

According to her article in the Telegraph, vacations exercise the PLAY and SEEKING system of the child’s brain. 

Vacations offer much more benefit than the toys which serve no purpose after a point. According to the doctor, The PLAY system of the brain is exercised every time the parents engage and play with them and the SEEKING system is exercised when the child is involved in exploring activities. 

This leads to frontal lobe development which in turn improves cognitive functioning, emotional expression, thinking, language and judgment. 

Apart from that, it also brings a change in their usual routine and gives them time to engage in playful activities, much better than playing with toys. 

It will also contribute to their general wellness and would uplift their mood. So next time you plan to get something for your children, let it be a vacation or a short trip. This will also be a great time to bond as a family. Making memories will not only keep you and yours happy but would also help your child grow up with positive experiences. 

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