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Ways to Get your Child Comfortable in Water

Apr 14 , 2020

Even if parents don’t know swimming and have water phobia, they always wish their kids do not have the same and want them to learn all fun activities in water. There are many kids who have a fear of water for example they do not like water to be poured over their head while bathing, do not want to put legs in water of a pool or bucket and are scared of taking shower. My son also had water phobia and I know how difficult it was for us to take him for bath or pool but I followed few things which really helped me a lot.

Make bath time more often

More of bath time slowly makes children comfortable with water. When the kid is in the bathtub pour some water on him, get him wet as they need to feel comfortable having water on the face and body by age 1. Also put some tots in the tub or play rhythms to make it more fun.


For a beginner the environment is important for having a positive start. Parents are their kid’s biggest cheerleaders and motivators so work as a team and cheer up each other. Dress kids in pool ready clothes check the temperature of water before children go into it. Also  stay with them and don’t leave them alone.


Enroll in some mommy-and-kid swimming class

These programs for kids are to introduce swimming in a small setting where kids can develop the early skills for swimming. Parents do not need to worry as they need not be swimmers to participate as they just have to be with kids for moral support. With watching parents do it and being by their side, kids feel more secure.

Start with fun games

Start with trust building and confidence boosting activities. Practice some exercises in water, put their feet in it, splash some water on them or start with small games like at home in the bathtub with toys etc. You can also plan a day out at the water park to enjoy with them as the more the child is familiar with water is the more comfortable she would be.

Take initiative

When non-swimmer parents rise above their fear and take a dip in water, this initiates children to take a chance too. Work as a team with them to conquer the water fear they have.  Enjoy swimming together and spending time more often you also rejuvenate your bond with your child.

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