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Ways to Manage Toothache During Pregnancy

Apr 28 , 2021

The body goes through many changes during pregnancy and there are a few changes that can be uncomfortable to bear. Toothache is a common problem that many women experience during their pregnancy and that can happen due to a number of reasons.

Change in hormonal levels can cause tooth ache and that includes plaque buildup, pain in gums, gingivitis and other issues.

There are a few home remedies that you can take help of to treat your toothache. Take a look at them below.

  • Use Aloe Vera gel (natural) to treat any pain in gums as they are known to have antibacterial and antifungal properties .
  • Milk is helpful incase you have bleeding in gums. You can also add turmeric in warm milk and have it once or twice a day.
  • Use clove bud or clove oil for faster relief as it is known to be an effective home remedy.
  • Gargle using warm water and salt once or twice a day.
  • You can take 30 ml of pomegranate juice in a cup and rinse your mouth every day to reduce the dental plaque-forming bacteria by 32%.
  • Tea tree oil can be used to address gum and teeth problems.
  • This has been a traditional method to maintain good oral health and is especially helpful during pregnancy since you won’t have to consume anything.

Apart from this, if your teeth have become sensitive then it is best to change your toothpaste and switch to the one that is gentle. To prevent any infection, use mouthwash after brushing your teeth.

In case there is no relief after trying home remedies, speak to a dentist and take their professional experience. If this is your second pregnancy and you experienced toothache during your first, you can schedule appointments with your dentist to take care of it in advance.

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