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Ways to Keep Children Cool in Summers

Apr 05 , 2021

Summers are here, so are the holidays and heat. The sun is blazing on many of us and everyone is looking for ways to deal with the heat and as kids can become ill during summers because of excessive heat, so you need to take extra precautions for them. Just applying sunscreen is not enough as you need to keep kids naturally cool to keep them protected from the scorching heat. Here are few ways to keep your children cool in summers:

  • Go for light clothing

Sometimes children feel very hot because they are overdressed so choose fewer layers, and go for light and loose cotton clothes. Avoid fussy clothes that might irritate them also avoid synthetic fabrics that trap heat.

  • Summer foods

Some summer foods are naturally cooling as they keep the body cool. These foods include barley, bajra, watermelons, coconut water, mint, and curd to name a few. Freeze a mix of water and juice into popsicle molds and let the kids sip on them

  • Sleep in the coolest part of the house

During the day make your child sleep at a place which doesn’t get direct sunlight. Keep bedrooms cool throughout the day by closing blinds or curtains.

  • Keep them hydrated

Children can easily get dehydrated so keep them hydrated by giving cool drinks and water throughout the day. Always hand them a water bottle before they step out of the house. You can also mix glucose in the water to keep them active.

  • Timeline outdoor activities

The worst time for your child to be outdoors is between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. it is the time when the sun does the most harm to the skin. so restrict them from going outside during this time period.

  • Waterplay to cool things down

You can enjoy  fun things  to cool down in the wettest way:

  • have a water fight
  • place a sprinkler under the trampoline
  • go for a swim
  • have a ‘swim’ in a cool bath indoors

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