Ways to Teach your Son to Respect Girls

May 24 , 2021

If you have a son then it is important for you to teach him to respect girls and you must start doing it from a young age so that they don’t think stereotypically about girls. A strong bond between mother and son can help him respect girls but besides that there are many other ways too

  • Surround him with positive role models

Children observe a lot and they do what they see. Having positive role models around him who respect women will showcase the importance of respect to your son. Fathers, uncles, brothers, and grandfathers can be a great example of men who respect women . If you find any man who disrespects girls, keep your child away from him.

  • Teach him to be caring and a helping friend

Friendships with both girls and boys are important for kids. Teach him how to develop and maintain a friendship as it provides the opportunity to be caring and supportive towards others. He should learn this for his future relationship with a woman.

Source Babble

Source Babble

  • Engage him in all kinds of work

By this we mean you must engage him in all kinds of household work such as cleaning, cooking, laundry and helping you with other works. Through this your son will be knowledgeable and capable of doing this kind of work and not viewing such tasks as solely a women’s job.

  • Become the source

Kids believe in what their mothers say and as mothers your work is to teach them love and respect. Children listen to how we talk other women and girls and how we speak about it so be careful.

  • Speak up

Some stuff is just unacceptable and if we fail to call people on sexist remarks or jokes our kids too learn the same. Watching us, our kids learn what is tolerable and what is not. Sometimes we have to shout ‘NO!’

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