Reasons why you must take your child on historical places for summer vacations

Why you must visit historical places with kids

May 28 , 2018

Summer vacations are here and most parents like to plan trips, visit the relatives or make their kids join activities. However most of us do not think about visiting a historical place. Many parents think that its too boring to visit a Historical monument when they already know the story about that place. The magnificent forts, historical battles, sacrifices of our soldiers are something that should be deeply valued. Going at such places make you realize many things and for children of today’s ‘mobile’ generation it is a must thing to go and visit these places. Here are some reasons why you must take your child on historical places for summer vacations:

1. Children know the value of battlefield and soldiers

Reasons why you must take your child on historical places for summer vacations

Take your children to the places where battles were fought, tell them about the sacrifice that our soldiers did for their country. Taking children to such places makes them understand the value of our fighters and about our olden times. Tell them the stories of that place when you finally reach there so that it is more interesting for your child to listen. He can imagine everything by standing at the real place where it all happened.

2. Get in-depth knowledge about our History

Visiting historical places makes children’s history strong. They get in-depth knowledge about the times when things were not the same as they see today.  When you visit Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar, you can see the blood spots of the people who died there. Many people lost their life in Jallianwala, which makes things too emotional after visiting there but it makes your children realize the value of their country where they live in.

3. It builds a sense of pride

When you take your children at Historical places and tell them about the stories of that places they develop a sense of pride. After knowing about the sacrifices and about our old days culture they feel proud of their country. When kids learn about our past and the events, wars that took place in our history they start respecting our tradition and have a positive point of view towards it.

4. Fulfills the curiosity in children

Many children love reading books and they have keen interest in knowing about different stories. So for such children instead of telling them stories by words, plan a trip to some good historical place and then visually tell them about the story. In this way they will always remember it and will understand properly.

5. Helps them in completing their story

Take your children to the places where they can finally get all the answers and clear their doubts that they may have about some place. If you have taken your child to Rani padmavat mahal in Rajasthan, then next time go and visit Delhi.  Alauddin Khilji was the king of Delhi and Padmavati was the Queen of Chittodgarh. So, after knowing the story about padmavati and visiting her place the kids might evoke An interest in visiting Alauddin Khilji’s place also. By visiting both the places which are connected to each other their story will be completed.

So this summer break take them on a date with India’s rich cultural history.

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