Dishes to Make for Father’s Day Lunch at Home

Jun 18 , 2021

Every parent loves having dishes cooked by their children. This Father’s day ditch ordering food from outside and prepare a meal for your father at home. An incredible and delicious meal cooked by you can be the best gift for your dad. Whether he loves Italian, or desi North Indian food, here we have a list of dishes that you can cook for your him for Father’s day lunch. Check out the options below: 

  • Chilli Paneer

This is an easy recipe and can go with noodles or rice. You can make it quickly and add it to your list. 

  • Tawa pulao

If your dad loves rice then you can make fresh and spicy tawa pulao for him. You can prepare a delicious raita to go with it. 

  • Hara Bhara Kebab

This is a great and most loved starter. Make restaurant style kebabs at home. 

  • Chocolate cake

Who doesn’t love a soft, rich chocolate cake. Bake a delicious cake with all your love for your dad. 

  • Bedmi Poori

This is a traditional North Indian breakfast, and loved by most of us. Make crispy puris with yummy curry. 

  • Malai kofta 

A rich creamy curry with delicious koftas, is something your father would love. 

  • Chole Bhature 

Chole Bhature is something that all of us love. Make crunchy bhaturas with spicy chole and a perfect meal is ready. 

  • Butter Chicken 

If your dad loves chicken then make this recipe for him paired with naan. 

  • Fried rice and noodles 

Chinese food fan? Make this evergreen chinese combo. 

  • Mango kheer

Its, mango season so for deserts you can make mango kheer. 

What will you cook?

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