How to conceive soon after a Miscarriage

How to Conceive Soon After a Miscarriage

Sep 28 , 2020

If you have gone through a miscarriage and are getting tensed about conceiving again or too upset to even consider another attempt then, you must take some steps and seriously evaluate your position. Here are some ways that you must follow for getting pregnant again after a miscarriage and increasing the chances of conceiving a healthy baby.

Recover from the Miscarriage

After a miscarriage, vaginal bleeding, abdominal cramps, and engorged breasts are some common and makes you feel miserable so the most important thing is to recover soon and get back to healthy lifestyle. Always remember , a healthy body offers better chances for a healthy pregnancy.


Take prescribed Medicines

Many doctors prescribe medication including antibiotics, special vitamins or even antidepressants which increase your chance of getting pregnant  again so do not stop taking them without Doctor’s consent.


Post miscarriage, you need to rest, but mild exercise is a great option and is beneficial in such situation. You can go for a walk but don’t  jog or do heavy workouts.



Rest is very important for your mental wellness. Eat nutritious food and take proper sleep because it helps your physical body to recover more quickly and allow you to restart the family plan in a practical and safe time period.

Healthy Lifestyle

Maintain a healthy diet; eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Say no to smoking, tobacco, alcohol or consumption of any other illegal drugs, as it reduces your chance to have a healthy baby. Stay healthy so that you recover soon and plan a baby.

Healthy Sex Life

If you want to get pregnant quickly after a miscarriage then, it is very important for you to have a healthy sex life. Your libido may be low after losing the baby, but the prospects of a new pregnancy usually recover it.

Reduce Stress

How to conceive soon after a Miscarriage

Don’t take too much of stress and keep your mind in peace. Take out time for you, read a book or watch your favorite movie as it helps in reducing stress.

Talk to your Doctor

Take an appointment with your Doctor, to talk about the miscarriage and future pregnancies. Don’t go in without a list of questions prepared, ask each and Ask anything and everything that you want to know.

Go for Important Test

Go for all the required test to know the exact reason and to find a solution.

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