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How Parent’s Anxiety can Affect Children

Apr 20 , 2021

Mental health disorders require a system to be dealt with and when you are a parent suffering from anxiety, it becomes a responsibility to handle it tactfully. A child’s first impression and contact with the world is through parents so it becomes crucial to handle it in a graceful way and such that it does not affect a child’s growth and development. 

As a human being, it is not always possible to hide your feelings and you definitely don’t have to but coming up with healthy ways of expression is important. 

Often we fail to recognize that we are projecting and that stress can have a deep impact on children. It may affect their mood, personality and may have an irreversible effect on their mind and can also affect the relationship between the parent and child. 

Since I have been through it so here are some ways to manage your anxiety around children,

Communicate with them 

Children find it easier to deal with things if they are given a clear understanding. Explain to them that they may see you agitated or irritated at times and that is your way of reacting in certain situations, however, there are better ways. 

Stress management 

If you lead a stressful life and have a lot of responsibilities, find a way to manage your stress. Indulge in meditation, mindful breathing, or any activity that helps you feel better about your day. 

Have definite strategies 

It is not always easy to deal with children but you can make things smoother by talking to them. Plan a few strategies and understand how you can get to them easily without triggering stress in yourself. 

Learn your triggers

Pay attention to what triggers your anxiety so set boundaries about when and how you will engage with things that could trigger your anxiety.

Find a support system

Trying to parent while struggling with your own mental health can be a challenge, but you don’t have to do it alone. Get support from family or a therapist to deal with it.

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