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Parental Habits that Affect Kids

Sep 12 , 2021

All the parents are well aware of what is best for their children but they often forget that kids learn from what happens around them. Children are very observant and they get influenced by what they see their parents doing. The decisions that they make very much depend on the environment and behavior that surrounds them. So it is very essential for parents to be a good role model for their children. Here is a list of habits that affect your children and you must avoid doing in front of them:

  • Drinking

Drinking is normal but doing it in front of kids build up their ability to drink and perceptions of alcohol when they grow up. Looking at their parents drinking they might start doing it in from a very young age leading to bad health later.

  • Overuse of gadgets



These days most of the parents make excessive use of mobile phones in front of their kids for texting, watching movies or talking on the phone. Your habit will make them want to own a cell phone which can affect their studies. However, parents who do use smartphone a lot cannot convince their kids to control their use of gadgets.

  • Physical abuse

Hitting your partner in front of kids can have bad impact on them and it may make your child emotionally weak. Also beating your kids for smaller mistakes can affect them in a negative manner.

  • Self-criticism

Many a times we criticize ourselves for our looks, careers, achievements etc and doing this in front of kids may develop impractical standards of beauty and success to them. This later can cause physiological issues like depression etc.



  • Smoking

According to research a child who sees a parent smoking is three times likely to start doing it when they grow up. It is parental behavior that attracts children towards it rather than attitude towards smoking. Smoking in front of children will be sending them mixed reactions.

To make them stay away from bad habits try to avoid doing these activities in front of your kids

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