Kids Holi Party

How to plan a great Holi Party for Kids

Mar 26 , 2021

Holi is the festival of colours and the right time to convey the message of love, trust and brotherhood . It is kids’ as they  to enjoy with pichkari, colors and water.  If you are planning for a kid’s party, then don’t stress as we have  few easy tips to ensure that you have a memorable and enjoyable party

Choose a Date

The most important step for planning a Holi party is to choose the perfect date, although on Holi everyone has a holiday but still, in case if it is not a weekend next day and u want to arrange the party before or after then, decide on time according to your preference.

Select a Venue

For planning a Holi party you must choose the right venue where kids can enjoy and have fun.

Keep Organic Colors

Kids have a very sensitive skin so, keep organic colors so that they do not get any harm on their skin and play a safe Holi with good colors.

Arrange good Activities

Arrange good activities for kids related to Holi, like rangoli competition. You can also create games with balloons and colors.

Dance Floor

Kids love to dance so, if you have a good budget then, you must arrange a DJ for the party and if you do not want to call a DJ then, you can arrange a good music system with Holi special playlist.


Keep kid friendly snacks and lunch menu like pastas, pizza, mini burgers , french fries  etc.

Dress Code

To make party more exciting keep a dress code so that every kid comes in a same color and looks almost same after they all get colors on them.


Create a decoration which is related to Holi. You can use colorful balloons and strips for creating a good party aura.

Holi Gifts

Keep some amazing gifts for kids that they would love like chocolates, candies, sweets and cookies. Give all these gifts to every kid after the party is finished.

Rainbow Multi Color Holi Wig

To keep the kids hair safe from Holi colors, you can keep multi colored wigs and make a theme around it.

Enjoy but don’t forget to take precautions.

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