Reasons Why Cousins are Your Best Friend

Sep 06 , 2021

No matter how many good friends you have no one can replace the cousins in your life especially, when you had spent your childhood with them. They are your forever partners in crime so let’s check out some of the reasons why they are your best friend and also your biggest strength:

1- No family gathering is fun without them. You can sit with them and gossip about all the dysfunctional members of your family.

2- They know all your deep secrets and you can share anything with them without hesitation.

3- They know all your weird habits but still love you unconditionally.

4- No matter what, they will never judge you and, help you in coming out of the trouble you are facing.

5- You can do the craziest stuff with them and never get bored when together.

6- They are your best advisers.

7- They are your perfect gossip partners and you make sure that you keep each other updated about all the family drama.

8- Shopping with them is always fun!

9- Even if you don’t talk regularly, your bond stays the same.

10- The best people who can give you a shoulder to cry when everyone else leaves you midway.

11- You had already discussed how your kids would look in the future and how they will be.

12- No one messes up with you because you always stand with each other without any fear.

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