Study Proves: Obsession is good for Kids

Sep 20 , 2020

There are many kids who have obsession for particular things like cars, trains, trucks etc and parents at times get really annoyed from this habit. However the surprising part is that if your child has a keen interest in anything it’s really good for them.

Source- Verywell Health

Besides this, studies have also proved that children who have such deep interest are smarter than the ones who don’t have. They are also more intelligent, problem solvers and keep the knowledgeable things forever with them.

A study has also proved that boys have more obsession than the girls during childhood that’s why most of them are fond of trucks, trains and cars.

“Intense interests are a big confidence booster for kids,” says pediatric psychiatric occupational therapist at Johns Hopkins, Kelli Chen.Such children have good processing skills as they often ask questions, keep researching more about the thing they have interest in, have higher level of understanding and are always ready to learn more. According to a study by the Universities of Indiana and Wisconsin, this helps children improve their lingusitc skills significantly. Also children with obsession never go for shortcuts, instead of just learning for a test they want to go deep  and find out why it works and how? They want to figure out the relationship between things not just memorize it to score marks.

Michello Woo gives excellent advice: “Parents should do what they can to support their child’s interest, even if it’s not their own cup of tea.”

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