Questions to ask when looking for pre-schools

Aug 27 , 2019

Selecting a preschool for children is quite exciting but also a tedious one at the same time. You need to check all the details before hand as you finalize one for your little one. Here we bring the questions you must ask before fixing a pre-school for your child.

Educational and experience of the teachers and staff

How many years have they been teaching? What are their educational qualifications? Are they trained in early education? How long they have been teaching? You need to ask these and the teacher and staff should also be certified in CPR and first aid so clear it out.


If there is active play opportunities too

Preschools need to give many opportunities to kids to play and enjoy. Physical activity is important and teachers should always support it. Ask how much play time they give and how they indulge kids in the activities. Also ask them for table time as its equally important. You should even inquire about how they divide the day for children.

All about Meals and snacks

Inquire about the food options the school gives with nap time too. What they serve should be known with knowing if they are well balanced and nutritious. Table manners are equally important so ask what they do to promote it. Little ones should have the chance to socialize and share and eat, so make sure they help kids learn the same.


What is the drop-off and pick-up policy? The school guards are trustable or not with their background information. Ask them to explain indoors and outdoors security services with how they handle kids if they get hurt or who looks after them while they play outdoors and indoors.


How is discipline handled?

How does the school handle behavioral issues is another important one. Ask the teacher how she encourages positive behavior and how teachers handle naughty kids. What discipline approach she takes when conflicts occur between kids and how they handle naughty kids. The kind of reply you get indicates much of their behavior.


Make sure to understand the fees criteria and especially if there are additional expenses, ask it then and there.

Toilet training

If your child isn’t toileting independently, you’ll need to ask if potty training is a requirement. Certain schools require a child to be fully potty trained; others are willing to assist with the process of training.

Teaching philosophy

There are many early childhood education philosophies. Parents better know what they want for their kids. They should know which kind of teaching philosophy the school has like somewhere it’s very academic and at other places it can be more of socialization and creative play.

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