Ways to Teach Personal Hygiene Habits to Kids

Jun 28 , 2021

It is important to develop good hygiene habits in kids from a young age as it helps in staying protected against many diseases. Now that we are fighting a global pandemic, it is more important than ever to pay attention to our cleanliness so that we don’t fall ill. Though immune system also strengthens with age but it is important for children to learn how to take care of their hygiene. 

Here are some things about personal hygiene that kids should learn. 

Proper handwashing technique 

The best way to keep germs away is by learning how to wash hands properly. It is the most effective way to prevent illness. Demonstrate the correct way to clean your hands after they come back home after school. 

Take help of stories and instances

Children understand and learn from stories better as compared to logic so take the help of stories and instances to help them understand the importance of having good hygiene. 

Be creative with the learning process 

Making learning new things fun for them is important as kids lose interest quickly. Design fun activities and games surrounding hygienic practices at home so that it becomes a habit. 

Teach him to cover sneezes and coughs

Germs can travel far and wide so get your child into the habit of covering his mouth and nose with a tissue when he sneezes or coughs.

Show them how it is done 

Simply telling kids to do things isn’t the right approach so practice good hygiene along with them. Help them learn how to do things and they will get better with time. 

Here are some ways to inculcate good hygiene habits in kids. Young children learn from what they see in the family so make sure you take care of your own hygiene too.

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