Reasons why you should not over pamper your child

Why You Should Not Over Pamper Your Child

Jun 08 , 2020

We often get upset when our child disrespects or misbehaves with us but it is not only his fault we as parents are equally responsible for it . Though no one of us can see our kids sad but that does not mean we over pamper them because this is the major reason why they get spoiled.  Even studies show that over pampered kids are  very naughty. Besides being naughty there are other reasons too on why you should avoid doing this:

1. Difference between reality and imagination

Children who are over pampered cannot adjust easily in tough situations as they are too sensitive. Life is all about ups and down so, instead of always making them stay in a fairy tale world you should make them learn the difference between realism and imagination.

2. Cannot accept failure

They cannot accept rejection easily as they have a lot of overconfidence in them. The one who takes failure as a challenge is a true champion so, it’s important to raise them in a way that they have a positive attitude towards both winning and losing.

3. Takes things for granted

 Reasons why you should not over pamper your child
No doubt every parent wants to see their kids happy and so to fulfill their wish many do things beyond their standard. You should always make them realize the value of things first because if they will get everything easily then how will they learn to earn. They will always expect more and will start taking you for granted which becomes a big trouble in future.

4. Over possessiveness spoils them

It’s good to be protective for your children but, being over possessive is wrong. Always standing with them and taking their support will not make them responsible and independent. Spoon feeding is okay at times but making it a habit will never make them learn the harsh realities of life. They will always want things without any difficulty and any efforts.

5. Disrespect parents

Being like a friend to your kid is not bad, but this friendly nature of yours must have some boundaries. You should not forget that at first you are a parent so, be strict when needed.

6. Doesn’t Value

Children who belong to very rich families and are excessively pampered do not value money. They always get all the unnecessary luxuries at a wrong age and time which makes them think that they are superior from everyone. This behavior makes them disrespect others who do not belong to very well off families.
So,  if you want your kids to become strong,  responsible and a good human being in future, do not spoil them by over pampering them.

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