How to Bond Better as Parents!

Mar 09 , 2021

After a baby your life changes and as partners it changes drastically. It is now about coochie-coo and sweet talks over romantic love. But often his lack of romance, coupled with lack of sex, money and time creates a difference between most couples. Problems like drifting away, divorce, home violence also occur during this time so we tell you some important points to bond better as parents:

1. Tackle Financial Issues together

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It is quite acceptable that expenses increase after a baby. Sometimes, both the partners don’t want to compromise on their daily expenses and this creates a rift. My wife and I always try to save money so that sudden expenses do not make us paranoid.

2. Listen to Each Other

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Baby brings one of the beautiful changes in your life and sometimes easy things seem complicated when both the partners don’t work simultaneously. Earlier, my wife and I were facing the same problem but after some time we decided to listen to each other so that we could spend some quality time with our baby. It is advisable for you to listen to your partner’s issues to make a stronger relationship.

3. Outings

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After having a baby, both the partners want to spend most out of their time with the newborn. But, they forget that they should spend some quality time together too. Leave the baby with a trusted babysitter or your family members if they are keen and go out for a movie, dinner, or long drive to make your partner feel the love!

4. Lend a hand

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After having a baby, household work increases and this creates many problems between partners. Help each other out and if finances allow hiring help.

5. Keep time for each other

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Newborns always grab the attention of family members and sometimes partners forget to give time to each other. Sometimes, they fight for the same reason which adds bitterness in their relationship. I always try to give equal time to my daughter and my wife so that nothing can affect my relationship with her.

How do you balance your life post-baby? Share with us

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